A glance at what happened in 1923, 1933, 1943…

It seems 2023 is getting an eventful year, earthquakes in Turkey and Syria with thousands of victims, an ongoing war in Ukraine, continuing high inflation, and an energy crisis due to Putin’s war, India is overtaking China with the world's largest population, elections in Turkey, Charles III is crowned king of the United Kingdom, etc.

Let’s take a break from the events of this year and look back at major events ten, twenty, thirty, and even hundred years ago. A tiny exhibition at our school will show what happened in the past decades.

You can challenge your knowledge as a history expert and find out when the tomb of Tutankhamun was opened for the very first time by Howard Carter, when Adolf Hitler was appointed as Chancellor of Germany, or when JFK was assassinated. Any idea when Martin Luther King held his famous speech “I Have a Dream", or when the first US female astronaut went to space? Come and look it all up! Where? Second floor, wing B.

Keep your mobile phone on hand. You will get detailed information by using the QR-Codes!