A Smart Perspective

This fall we have sought a little perspective. And while there does not seem to be a lot to be found in terms of the pandemic, we did find perspective—linear perspective—within our walls here at the HAK Steyr and within the city and even in our homes.

Fifth year SMART students have been learning about the history of linear perspective and three-dimensionality and have put their new knowledge to the test artistically. First, they made photos around school of examples of linear perspective. Next, they sketched and drew those photographs using different materials—markers, oils, watercolors, or pencil. A fall photo walk around Steyr provided us with several examples of linear perspective within our beautiful town. Lastly, students combined their knowledge of linear perspective with their Adobe Spark video savviness and created short tutorials on linear perspective. Even these are more dimensional: students created their videos not only in English, but also in German, Bosnian, Spanish and there is even a silent film.