Dual Diploma – Dual What?

Dual Diploma is an incredible opportunity to graduate not only from HAK Steyr, but also with a US High School Diploma from Mater Academy in Florida.

We are proud to announce that eight students in the 4th and 5th grades are currently in their second and final year of their US High School education. Additionally, four more students started the program in fall 2022. All of our Dual Diploma students have excelled in their American online classes, just as they have in their regular subjects at HAK Steyr.

We recently held a ceremony to recognize and award our 12 Dual Diploma students for their outstanding efforts and achievements. At Mater High School, our students not only take advanced English classes but also study American History, American Government, Economics, and a wide variety of elective classes, such as Life Management Skills, Criminology, Digital Photography, Psychology, Engineering, and Technology.

Our students have an added bonus of applying for a 2-week stay at the University of South Carolina Beaufort (https://www.uscb.edu/), giving them the chance to experience US college life firsthand. In June 2023, some of our students might participate in this program, and we can't wait to hear their reports.

If you're interested in learning more about the Dual Diploma program, possible scholarships, joining the online presentation of Dual Diploma’s Open Day on March 27th, or talking to one of our current Dual Diploma students, please contact the coordinator, Ms. Ute Wiesmayr.